Polyurethane, Soft Polyurethane

The polyurethane tube, featuring excellent flexibility, helps compact piping requiring small bending radius.

  • Tubes come in a variety of colors so that pipings can be identified by color or can be completed in the same colors as the devices.


Type Polyurethane Tube, UB Low Friction Polyurethane Tube, UBS
Fluid Admitted Air Air
Service Pressure Range at 20ºC 0~116 psi (0~0.8MPa) 0~116 psi (0~0.8MPa)
Service Temperature Range 5~140ºF (-15~60ºC) 5~140ºF (-15~60ºC)
Working Vacuum -29.5in.Hg (-100kPa) -29.5in.Hg (-100kPa)